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...and will grow along with the inevitable impacts of expanded gambling.

But here's a hint - from the examples of other states we know that these impacts begin in the legislative and licensing process - which is already happening here in Massachusetts, where the slot bill was proposed and strong-armed by a legislator with 2 racetracks in his district, and which gives slots licenses - you guessed it - to both of those race tracks.

Like Clockwork

When a state or community expands gambling, the results are predictable.

Cracks start appearing in the legalization process - opponents are marginalized, benefits are over-stated, and the public is often left out of the process altogether.  And you can be certain that the gambling industry has been funneling countless millions into effecting the outcome.

Of course, here in Massachusetts, it was the downturn in the economy that opened the door - even after casinos went down to a resounding defeat in 2008, though ironically, the industry itself was suffering from the same economic downturn, and the over-proliferation of slots in other states. Not that facts have anything to do with gambling legislation.

In any event, whenever gambling legislation is passed, it's promises are soon forgotten.  Except for now.

In the digital universe, a legislators name can now be linked to the decisions they've made in office.  Forever.

Long after the last construction worker has left the casino site, one-time licensing fees are spent and forgotten, and slot revenue quickly absorbed into a state budget which quickly finds itself once in deficit, the impacts of slots and resort casinos will begin to take their toll on individual lives, the community, and eventually, the the state itself

Like clockwork.

Business closings, embezzlement, robberies, child abandonment, suicide.... many of these things will make the news after casinos, slot parlors and racinos are built.  But here, finally, is a way to give credit where credit is due to those legislators who felt these were just the costs of doing business.  Those who caved to political pressure, couldn't be bothered to do their homework, who thought they knew it all, suffered from short-sightedness, or simply drank too much Kool-aid.

But this site isn't for them.  It's a place for those who will inevitably be effected by expanded gambling to vent their frustrations, tell their stories, and of course, put a face on their predicament.


April 2010

Escalation & Broken Promises

Expanded gambling comes with many promises.  Age limits, smoking bans, loss limits, drinking prohibitions, time limits.  And of course, there are the frequent promises that it will help our state in so many ways - promises that are quickly broken as soon as the State and or the industry needs more money.

Furthermore, expanded gambling also... expands.  The gambling industry business model needs to create new addicts.  Surrounding states will become concerned they they too are losing money across the border.

Slots will also trigger a tribal casino arms race.  The tribal issue is one very few legislators understand - or took the time to understand.  Some still think that the Supreme Court decision in Carceiri v. Salazar will prevent tribal casinos even if the state legalizes slots.  And what almost no one understands is that these won't be merely casinos - they'll be sovereign nations.  Ask people from Connecticut if they think Governor Weicker was a hero for giving slots to the Pequot tribe in exchange for an influx of new revenue.

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April 6, 2010
Did someone mention "escalation"?

From New Hampshire:
Millennium Gaming lobbyist James Demers said lawmakers here must take seriously the threat posed in Massachusetts, where legislative leaders are preparing to ram through within a week legislation that lures developers with a much lower tax rate and cheaper licensing fees than the New Hampshire bill would.


Impacts of Expanded Gambling on Communities will include:

  • increased crime
  • addiction
  • bankruptcies
  • foreclosures
  • traffic
  • cannibalization of local businesses
  • lower property values
  • additional burdens on local schools, emergency and social services
  • decreases in lottery aid disbursement
  • negative impacts to the environment and infrastructure
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Crime & Corruption

Crimes associated with expanded gambling  range from:

  • political corruption
  • embezzlement
  • robbery
  • aggravated assault
  • auto theft
  • burglary
  • larceny
  • rape
  • identity theft
  • counterfeiting
  • forgery
  • prostitution
  • drug use
These crimes require a new bureaucracy to regulate, additional law reinforcement, judges etc, all paid for by the taxpayer.

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April Fool's Day: It begins...

Why would the public need to be heard, debating a bill to give slots to the racetracks, proposed by a legislator with two racetracks (and in fact, half of all state racetracks) in his district?

  • No outside review of new Mass. casino bill planned
    Boston Globe
    Apr 6, 2010

  • Casino bill won't get public airing:
    DeLeo aims for vote this month despite outcry from opponents

    Boston Globe
    Apr 2, 2010
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    Expanded gamblings impacts everyone - from seniors to children  Some of these impacts include:

    • Bankruptcy
    • Foreclosure
    • Domestic Abuse
    • Child Abuse
    • Child Neglect
    • Addiction
    • Divorce
    • Underage Gambling
    • Suicide

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